Join Spot has he goes off a journey to find his missing spots!  Swim with tigers, strut with peacocks, and slither with snakes, all while you practicing pas de chats, gallops, and marches! This shortened version of our ever-popular Whimsy Storybook will provide your dancers with 15-20 minutes of dancing fun. 


Spot's Cheetah Adventure is a part of The Animal Box line up! For only $48 receive this storybook, along with 2 other animal themed storybooks and 20+ dance class activities, games, music, and challenges! For more information, check out The Animal Box in the Whimsy Shop today! 

Whimsy Mini Storybook: Spot's Cheetah Adventure

  • Spot's Cheetah Adventure is a PDF digital download! It will be emailed to you immedately following your purchase. Print it out or read it on your favorite digital device like an ipad! 

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