Join Sobe on a wintery mission to help the little penguin return home! Crawl with polar bears, waddle with penguins, and jump between icebergs, all while you practice soubresauts, sliding, marching, and 3 point turns!  This shortened version of our ever-popular Whimsy Storybook will provide your dancers with 15-20 minutes of dancing fun. 


Sobe and the Little Penguin is a part of The Animal Box line up! For only $48 receive this storybook, along with 2 other animal themed storybooks and 20+ dance class activities, games, music, and challenges! For more information, check out The Animal Box in the Whimsy Shop today! 

Whimsy Mini Storybook: Sobe and the Little Penguin

  • The Whimsy Storybook is a PDF digital download! It will be emailed to you immedately following your purchase. Print it out or read it on your favorite digital device like an ipad!