Do you ever feel like you lose your students' attention when they change their shoes? Do some of your students change really slowly leaving the quicker students to get restless, bored, and silly?? Do you dread classroom transitions because of the chaos and time it takes away from your lesson plan???


There is a better way! Keep your classroom moving even during transitions times with Whimsy's Transition Cards!


Here's how it works: When it's time for your dancers to change their shoes, have one student (or yourself) pick a card from the deck. Then once a dancer is done changing their shoes, they get to do the activity from the card! Dancers will simply join in with the activity as they finish their shoe change and once the entire class is participating you can continue into the next section of class without any downtime at all.


Whimsy's Transitions Cards includes a deck of 36 cards- all with playful activities that will build your dancer's gross motor skills.  Dancers will gallop like a unicorn, slide like an alien, walk like a duck, toss and catch a ball, and create your very own dance step! 


This is a digital download. No physical product will be sent.  Your download will include the deck of 36 cards (4 pages- 9 cards to a sheet). Simply print and cut out the Transition Cards. Optionally, you can laminate them to make them last all season! 

Transition Cards

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