The Imagination Station takes your students on an exciting dance adventure! Simply press play and your students will board their very own "imagination station", explore imaginative lands, and practice dance skills such as lindy, jazz squares, bourree turns, and more! 


The Imagination Stations takes your students through the following explorations:

1. Sword fighting with pirates & swimming with mermaids on a pirate ship 

2. Riding a rollercoaster at an old fashion carnival

3. Become a jester outside the royal kingdom in England

4. Flying high above the rainforest as a bird

5. Dancing inside a music box




Note to Teachers: This product is designed with COVID-19 and social distancing in mind!  Students get their own personal spot in the room that we call their "Imagination Station" and they do not leave that station throughout the story.  


The Imagination Stations includes 7 tracks and runs 21 minutes.  When purchased you will receive a zip file to download with all 7 tracks.  Unzip this file and simply play it on your favorite music player.  

The Whimsy Audiobook: The Imagination Station

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