Designed for ages 3-8, this circus themed pack will have your students rolling with clowns, dancing with circus animals, trying their hand at various circus acts, and exploring their inner circus performer, all while learning valuable dance steps and concepts. 


The Under the Big Top Pack is a digital PDF download enabling teachers to print their Whimsy Cards right at home! For only $10, the Under the Big Top Pack includes:


2 Warm Up Exercises: Circus Clowns, Circus Clowns & The Strong Man Song

3 Movement Activities (Ballet, Tap, Jazz): The Ribbon Dancers, Peanuts & Popcorn, The Ringmaster

1 Music Activity:  The Roar of the Crowd

1 Game: The Animals of the Circus (includes audiotrack)

1 Obstacle Course:  Come Join the Circus


Rest assured teachers: Whimsy has gone digital in order to serve you best during COVID-19! The Whimsy Pack is designed to be successful in both virtual and in person classes.  The content of the our packs are no contact, easy to record, and only uses props that you would have at home-making it easy for you and your dancers to adapt.  And when you return to your studios, you will still be able to use The Under the Big Top Pack with your students.

The Under the Big Top Pack

  • The Whimsy Pack is a PDF digital download! It will be emailed to you immedately following your purchase. Print it out or read it on your favorite digital device like an ipad! 

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