Who Are You??: A Dance & Acting Game for Ages 5+

Looking for a fun and unique ice breaker or get to know you game?? This activity is great for getting your dancers to practice their acting skills along with getting with getting comfortable with their classmates!

Here's how it works! Chose one dancer to be the actor and have them think of a character. Their character can be a famous character from a movie, show, history, or just a generic character like a doctor or a waitress. Optionally, you can assign a category or theme to the game. This tends to help the dancers stay on track :)

Once the dancer has their character ready, direct the dancers to sit in a circle. Go around the circle and take turns asking "yes-or-no" questions to try to figure out who the character is. The collective group is allowed only 20 questions to ask.

When a dancer believes they have figured out the character, their job is to make a guess. To make a guess that dancer must stand up. When a dancer stands up, all questions will paused so the guess can be made. If the dancer is correct, they win and they will become the next actor. If the dancer is incorrect, the game continues. If no one guesses the character correctly after all 20 questions have been answered, the group is considered "stumped" and the actor wins!

This game also works great with dance terminology! For example, if the actor choses a "time step" or "pas de bourree" then the group would try to guess what step the actor has chosen.

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