Whimsy's Story & Dance Time: Two Unicorn Friends

With much excitement, Whimsy is proud to present it's first ever Story & Dance Time featuring the NEW Whimsy Mini Storybook!!

As our teachers are all facing challenging times, Whimsy wanted to serve our teachers more by giving them as much no prop, no contact, and easy to record content as we possibly could. We have increased our efforts with our free blog and now we are so excited to announce we have a new line up of products coming to help our teachers produce the best content for their online classes!!

Our goal is to make Whimsy's Story & Dance Time a weekly event that our teachers can share with their students. In addition, we went a step further and we will be offering our teachers a way to produce their own Story & Dance Time! For only $8.00, teachers will be able to download their own PDF version of each story book. Once downloaded our teachers will be able to print out their own copy to use and keep in their collection forever. We wanted to make the Mini Storybook a super affordable product for all teaches to be able to use during the COVID-19 crisis as well as when we return to the classroom.

Our first story is Two Unicorn Friends-Join Razzle & Dazzle, two unicorn friends, on an important mission to save the rainbow after it lost all its colors! Pick strawberries, fly with butterflies, and dance in a field of wildflowers all while you practice skipping, galloping, quarter turns, and frog hops! This shortened version of our ever-popular Whimsy Storybook will provide your dancers with 15-20 minutes of dancing fun. 

Teachers are welcome to share this video with their students FREE of charge! Simply copy the link in the top right of the video and email it to your students or post it on your social media. To purchase your own copy of Two Unicorn Friends visit The Whimsy Store!

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