Unicorn Dance Party- A Fun Event Designed for Zoom

Looking for something new and different to do during your zoom classes? Maybe even something the whole family could participate in?! Why not host your own UNICORN DANCE PARTY!!!!

Here's how you make it happen:

1) Before the class/event, ask the students to come to the meeting dressed as unicorns with their best rainbow/sparkly/magical attire. You could even send out a DIY unicorn horn so the kids can make their own horn to wear. Here is one the link for Pinterest: https://tikkido.com/blog/easy-felt-unicorn-headband-tutorial

2) Decorate your space with balloons, flowers, and rainbows! Or if you are really tech savvy you could experiment with virtual backgrounds to make it look like you are in the land of unicorns or sitting on a rainbow! Also, color changing LEDs could turn your space into a fun dance club.

3) Play lots of Unicorn themed music to dance the night away! We have created one for you to use here. All these songs are related to unicorns, upbeat for dancing, and available on iTunes and Apple Music.

Whimsy's Unicorn Playlist

Space Unicorns by Parry Gripp

Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows by Lesley Gore

Unicorn Who Goes Up and Down by Kimbo Children's Music

I'm a Believer by Smash Mouth

My Angel Unicorn by Toddler Tunes

The Unicorn Party by Kimbo Children's Music

Can't Stop The Feeling! by Kids BOP Kids

4) Throw in some fun games! Believe it or not- there are lots of games that can be adapted for zoom meetings! Freeze dance is a fan favorite. Any type of "Roll the Dice" activity where you use a character dice and whenever it lands is how you have to dance is fabulous for zoom. (The Whimsy Dice is perfect for this and you can get it here for only $2). You could create movement cards with different unicorn and friends or go on a unicorn parade. If you make it a fun family event musical, chairs and limbo would be so much fun for the own family.

Be creative and have fun! This class/event could be such a positive and fun experience for your dance families to remember forever!

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