The Weather Parade: A Music & Movement Activity

From wind to thunder, Mother Nature makes all kind of interesting sounds. This CRAZY parade takes you on a journey set to the musical rhythms of weather.

Everyone line up behind a leader. Follow the leader as you travel around the room in any direction the leader goes. Whenever the leader decides, change between the following weather patterns:

Wind: Gallop fast and whistle like the wind

Thunder: Create thunder claps by stomping your feet

Snow: Run quick and light on your tippy toes just like soft falling snow

Rain: Make the sound sound of falling raindrops by jumping on two feet

But wait, there's more! We can't forget about sunshine!

Seeing sunshine makes everyone happy, when the leader calls out SUNSHINE all children in the parade can travel anywhere in the room dancing however they like!

When the leader calls out PARADE TIME, all the children must quickly get back into line and the parade will continue again.

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