The Rainbow Drums

Rhythm is such an important skill for all dancers the master. And the fun part of teaching rhythm is you can start at any age! Even 2 & 3-year-olds can practice finding the beating of the music when presented in an age-appropriate way.

This activity is always a huge hit with my students!! They love to pretend to be drummers and love to drum on the different colors.

Here's how it works!

Give each student a pair of rhythm sticks and 2-4 pieces of different color construction paper. For my toddler classes, I start with just 2 colors, while my minis get 4 different colors. Each piece of construction paper is a different drum.

Once you are set up, lead your dancers through a series of drumming. Create patterns using the different colors such as:

blue, blue, blue, blue, red, red, red, red


blue, blue, red, red, blue, blue, red, red

Older students will love more complex patterns such as:

blue, red, green, red, blue, red, green, red


blue, blue, blue, red, green, red, green

Continue creating new drumming patterns to challenge your dancers. Using music is optional for this activity! You can use the music as a way to keep the beat or keep it quiet while challenging your students to make their own music. Either way works great!

As an added bonus, this activity is a great way to help your students hear the beat of their recital song! Play their song and have them drum along with it. It really makes a difference in their ability to hear their music on stage.


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