The Princess Polka-A Ballet Activity for Ages 3-8

What little girl doesn't dream of dressing up and heading off to a princess ball? This activity will make your littlest ballerina's dream come true! Learn and practice how to do the polka while you gather your ball grown, tiara, wand, and shoes for the big event.

The Princess Polka

Begin this activity by telling your students that you all have been invited to a ball at the royal castle but before the big event they must learn the Princess Polka. The Princess Polka is a very special dance that all the princesses at the ball will be doing! You must all first learn the step and then practice it in your royal attire to make sure you will not trip or lose you tiara on the big night.

1) Begin by learning the step of the Princess Polka. Start with a simple version of a polka by doing "step together step hop". Keep your feet in parallel and when you hop bring your opposite foot to passe. Practice this step traveling side-to-side.

Once you feel comfortable, you can make the step fancier by adding an outside quarter turn on each hop. Do this step with the turn 4 times and you will have danced in the shape of a box. Now you have learned the Princess Polka!

2) Now you must practice the Princess Polka in your formal attire. The Royal Kingdom recommends you practice with one item at a time. Begin with your ball gown. Ask all the students to describe their ball gown and pretend to put them on. Then practice the Princess Polka while hold your skirt out to the side. Make sure you to pick up your feet so you don't trip on your beautiful gown!

Once you have practiced in your ball gown, you will need to practice with your tiara, shoes, and wand. Add each item one at a time and try the coordinating skill below. Once you have tried all 4 versions, you are ready for the Princess Ball.

Tiara: Hold your pretend tiara on your head and spot your head before you do each quarter turn

Shoes: Practice the entire Princess Polka on releve

Wand: Flick and swish your pretend wand side to side as you step together step hop

3) For additional fun, once your dancers are ready for the ball you can pretend to be their Fairy Godmother and send all the little princesses to the ball for a dance party. Simply flick your wand, have them gallop away pretending to be in a carriage, and followed it up playing some princess themed music for a ball! Your dancers will love it!

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