The Cupid Shuffle: Valentine's Day Themed Galloping Activity

It's Valentine's Day Week and what's a better way to share the love than to dance. This sweet dance-based activity focuses on side gallops (also called slides) on both the right and left side! As an added bonus, it builds team working skills and coordination.

The Cupid Shuffle

"Oh hello there! I'm Carl and my friend Cupid has sent me to help him with spreading his magic Love Dust this week. Only trouble is there is too much love to give out and I'm afraid I won't be able to reach everyone before Valentine's Day. Would you be willing to help me?!?!

It's real easy! What we need to do is drop the Love Dust all over the place so people can be covered by it. The Love Dust works best if two people work together so grab a partner and I'll show you how.

We will need to cover this entire area but its best if we are organized. Let's travel across this space one group at a time!

Face each other and hold both hands. Do 4 side gallops together with one partner using the right leg and the other using the left. Then take three jumps so both partners switch spots. As you jump, the Love Dust will be sprinkled all over the place! Gallop again but this time with the opposite foot so your group keeps traveling in the same direction. Keep going until the entire space is covered in Love Dust. If every group helps I just know we will reach everyone before Valentine's Day!"

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