The Challenge Spinner!- A Zoom Game for Ages 5 and Up

Looking for something different for your zoom classes? Try this exciting spinner game! Great for ages 5 and up, students get to chose to challenge themselves or their friends to small competitions.

Here's how you play!

1) Begin by creating your own custom spinner. Their are lots of websites where you can make free spinners that you can add you own titles to. Whimsy has created one you can use by following the link here:

2) When you are ready to play, open your spinner and if possible, screen share with your class. Screen sharing is optional of course and it is recommended you do a practice run for your system before trying it live. You do not need to screen share but it does make the game more fun!

3) Explain the following rules to your students:

Chose a child to go first and click on the wheel to spin it for them. Wherever it lands is the child's challenge. Now the child gets to decide if they are going to challenge themselves OR challenge a classmate to a duel! If the child challenges themselves and wins, they receive 10 points. If the child challenges a teammate to a duel, the winner of the duel receives 20 points!

If the child challenges themselves, you the teacher will decide the am

ount or length of the challenge. For example if the challenge is "Collect More" you will tell the child "if you can collect more than 10 rolls of toilet paper or balance longer than 20 seconds you win."

If the child challenges their peer to a duel, whoever completes the challenge better will win. For example, whichever child collects the most rolls of toilet paper in 1 minute wins.

The spinner can land on any of the following categories. The Caterogies are meant to be broad so you can be creative and try lots of different challenges! Below we have included a brief description and examples to get you started.

1) Collect More: Collect more of a specific item such as rolls of toilet paper or shoes

2) Jump Highest: Jump the highest height or higher than a set amount of items such as 2 pillows

3) Do More: Whoever can do more of a skill such as pushups or sit ups

4) Find an Item Quicker: Whoever can find an item quicker such as a hat or teapot

5) Name More: Whoever can name more of a specific item such as Disney Movies or Colors

6) Guess an Answer: Ask your students a trivia question and see who can answer it correctly

7) Balance Longer: Balance in a specific position for longer

8) Create Quicker: Who can create a specific item quicker such as a drawing of a flower or a tower of blocks

9) Turn More: Whoever can turn more in a specific length of times such as 10 seconds

10) Remember More: Who can remember more of an specific thing such as an old recital dance or the lyrics of a song

4) Chose one child to go first and get playing Keep a record of points and celebrate the winner at the end of the game!

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