Show OR Tell: A Dance Game for Any Age!

This fun game is great for dancers of all ages! Help your dancers learn their dance vocabulary and recognize dance steps and their names. Check it out below!

Show OR Tell

Being by creating a list of dance steps in the genre and level appropriate to the class you are teaching. It is up to you whether you chose to physically write out the list or not, but it can be helpful during game play.

One at a time, ask a dancer if they would like a "show" or a "tell". If the dancer responds with a "show", you the teacher will show them a dance step. The job of the dancer is now to say the name of the step that was shown. If the dancer responds with a "tell", you will tell them the name of a dance step. The dancer is now responsible for physically showing you the step.

If the dancer answers their "show" or "tell" correctly, they get one point! If they answer incorrectly, the "show" or "tell" is open to being stolen by another dancer in the class. When another dancer answers correctly, they are awarded two points. This is a fun way to encourage all dancers to participate throughout the entire game. For additional fun, if the "show" or "tell" seems to be difficult and/or stumps the group, raise the value of the points to encourage the group to keep trying to figure it out.

At the end of the game, tally up whoever has the most points to determine the winner.

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