Poppin' Popcorn: A Jumping Game for Ages 3-12

You know what likes to explode everywhere?!? POPCORN!

Chose one child to be the Colonel Kernel and designate a circle in the middle of the room to be your "popcorn bowl". Everyone except the Colonel Kernel will be popcorn and stand in the popcorn bowl to begin.

When the game begins, all the popcorn must explode out of the popcorn bowl and continue to "pop" around the room by jumping on two feet. Colonel Kernel must go around tagging the popcorn. When a popcorn is tagged they must return to the bowl. The Colonel Kernel's job is to get all the popcorn back into the bowl at the same time.

But here's the catch...once a piece of popcorn returns to the bowl they have only have to stay there for 10 seconds before they explode out again! This makes for one exciting game of Poppin' Popcorn!

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