Poetry in Motion- A Choreography Activity for All Ages

Learning to choreograph is such a valuable skills for dancers of all ages to learn! Not only does it teach them how to create sequences of steps but it builds confidence, increases a dancer's skill set, and helps all dancers to better understand the rehearsal process.

However, creating art takes heart and many students are nervous to create choreography for the fear of "not knowing what to do" or "not being correct". But we teachers know that building choreography is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced the same way you learn a pirouette or grande jete!

This activity is a great way to break down that wall and introduce your students to the choreography process in a comfortable and guided manner! It allows them to choreograph in small pieces with a grid to follow.

Here's how it works!

Pick a poem before class. It can be anything from a Dr. Suess book to Edgar Allan Poe! The more descriptive the poem the easier it will be for the dancers.

When you're in class, simply read the poem one line at a time. In between each line, give the students 1 minute to put the line into choreography. Their goal is to described the words with their dancing!

Continue throughout the entire poem 1 line at a time! At the end of the poem that will have their own choreographed piece.

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