My Family Trip to the Beach- MAD LIB Activity for All Ages

Remember the classic game of MAD LIBS?? It was a childhood favorite when I was growing up! Let's take a twist on this great classic and use it in our dance classes!

Here's how you play!

1) Begin by downloading and printing out the Mad Lib below. Click here to download a FREE PDF version!

My Family Trip to the Beach- Mad Lib by
Download • 671KB

2) Ask the students for random words to fill in each blank with an appropriate response based on the word in blue below the empty line. Write the word in the blank space provided. This is where the fun comes- do not read the story first! By doing this you will create a wacky, one-of-a-kind story!

3) Here's the twist! As the students fill in the words, have them also come up with a movement for each word. For example, if they use the word "crabs" for an animal, you might do crab walks you the word "crabs" this read.

4) Now read the story to the students and see what kind of unique story you have created! While you are reading, the dancers should do the movements they came up with when you read the Mad Lib Words. For younger students, you can go one paragraph at a time to help them remember each movement!

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