Mermaid Tails: Bubble Time for Preschoolers

Everyone loves bubbles and what's better than dreaming of being a mermaid while bubbles are floating all around. Your preschool students will love this mermaid-themed bubble time!

Here's how it works! Have each dancer sit down with their legs stretched in front of them in a pike and place their hands on the floor behind them.

Blow bubbles (by hand or with a bubble gun) over each child. Encourage the dancers to lift their legs off the ground and pop the bubbles with their "mermaid tail". The children will work their core muscles as they move through a "V Sit" position to try to keep their legs together in their mermaid tail!

To add to this experience, play "Under the Sea" or "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid soundtrack while you do this activity! Your littles will truly feel like they are under the sea!


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