Leaping Leprechauns- St. Patricks Day Themed Activity for Ages 3-8

What's more exhilarating than being 4 years old and searching for a pot of gold? Bring that excitement to your dance classes this St. Patrick's Day!

This activity is great way for your students to practice their jumping skills and begin to explore the concept of changing directions. What they will think is "super leprechaun fun" will really be equipping them for important skills down the road.

Leaping Leprechauns

Begin by collecting 6 pieces of construction paper — one for each color of the rainbow. Poly spots or carpet squares work great too if you have the right colors.

Place the colored paper in a line on the floor with about a foot of space in between each paper. This will create our rainbow!

At the end of the rainbow, place a pot of gold! Your pot of gold can consist of a container filled of gold coins, colorful scarves, cute beans babies- be creative!

One at a time, the children should go down the line towards the pot of gold by jumping over each color. But this activity has a twist! Instead of jumping forward, all leprechauns should jump sideways with a half turn in the air!! Therefore if the leprechaun starts facing the mirror they should jump up, make a half turn, and land facing the back of the room. Continue jumping and rotating all the way down to the pot of gold.

Once the leprechaun has reached the end of the rainbow, they get to pick a treasure from the pot of gold!

Optionally, once all the leprechauns have completed the rainbow and collected their gold, invite them to celebrate by showing off their Irish jig as you “free dance”. This is made extra fun if your pot of gold is a fun prop they can dance with!

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