If You're a Unicorn & You Know It- A Warmup Activity for Ages 2-6

Unicorns are super in right now! You see them everywhere and every little girl wants a pet unicorn. And who can blame them?!? Unicorns are magical and represents kindness and hope!

Today's activity comes to you from Whimsy's brand new Unicorn & Friends Pack. Designed for ages 2-6, this fun song is a new rendition of a classic! Use it as a warmup, a brain break, or as a reward at the end of class. No matter when and how you sing it, your students are bound to fall head over heels with this magical song!

Want to check out the rest of the Unicorn & Friends Pack? Click here! Plan unicorn themed dance classes, summer camps, and birthday parties that your dancers are bound to love with no extra work for you!

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