I'm Going on a Treasure Hunt- A Dance Game for Ages 2-7

This imaginative game is perfect for virtual classes. Your students will sing, dance, and take turns hunting for hidden treasure right in their own homes. And the best part is, it ends in a dance party!

Check it out below!

I'm Going on a Treasure Hunt

Before class, the teacher needs to hide a treasure box somewhere in the room where they are teaching classes. The treasure box could be anything from a shoebox filled with golden trinkets or a picture of a treasure box printed off the computer. It doesn't need to be fancy- just use what you already have!

To begin the activity, explain to the students that you are going on a treasure hunt and everyone needs to help look for the treasure! This treasure box is special because not only does it hold gold coins and jewels, but this treasure box also holds the greatest treasure of all: music!

You can even step it up a notch by telling the students that your music was stolen by pirates off your computer and until you find the treasure box you can't play music in class!

As a group say the following poem and do the coordinating dance:

I’m going on a treasure hunt Marches

I’m gonna hunt around Search around with "searching" hand on forehead

I’ll look real high, I’ll look real low Reach to the ceiling, touch your toes

I’ll hunt until its found! 2 bounces with hands on knees, jump to an X

Then the teacher will ask, "Sally, where are you going to search?" Encourage your dancer to search one place in the room that they are in such as under the couch cushion or behind a throw pillow. After they search their area and do not find the treasure, the teacher can say to the class, "That's okay Sally. Let's keep looking."

Then as a group say the poem again. Repeat this until every dancer has had a chance to search for the treasure.

Lastly, it is the teacher's turn to look for the treasure. After the group says the poem, the teacher will search and find the treasure box!

Once you find the treasure box and the music inside, have a dance party to celebrate!

For additional fun, turn your dance party into a freeze dance party! Do this by telling your students that whenever the treasure box is open the music is playing and they should dance. But when the treasure box is shut the music will spot and they need to freeze! This may work best if you have an extra set of hands available to stop and start the music.

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