Create-Your-Own Halloween Movement Card Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are a favorite here at Whimsy! We believe that obstacle courses are a perfect way to help your students master their dance vocabulary. It gives them the repetition they need along with coordination, ways to incorporate both gross and fine motor skills, and fun introduction to strengthening and sequencing patterns.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to creating obstacle courses for your dance classes. This Halloween-themed course is exciting and unique because it uses movement cards to guide your students through the course! Because of that, its so simple to set up, completely customizable to meet your students exactly where they are, and with 10 -12 movement cards you use the same stack of cards all year and still never do the same obstacle course twice!

Here's how it works:

1) Grab your favorite halloween movement cards or create your own! Whimsy has a great set already done for you that you can find here.

2) Pick 4-6 cards that you want to use for the course. We recommend a nice variety of gross motor skills (marching, galloping, skipping), strength building skills (log rolls, hopping on one foot), and tumbling (forward rolls, cartwheels).

3) Organize your cards in an order that sets your students up to switch muscle groups between skills. For example, if your 4 activities are "Skip like a Skeleton", "March like a Monster", "Roll like a Pumpkin", and "Crawl like a Spider", it may be best to do 1) Crawl, 2) March, 3) Roll, 4) Skip. This gives your student's muscles a rest in-between use, as well as, creates an appropriate build up to the biggest movement at the end of the courses.

4) Place your cards around the room so that the student will travel towards to the card they are working on. That way the student can see the card as a visual cue the entire time they travel. You can tape the cards directly to the wall or mirror or use Table Card Holders to help your students to see the card clearly. We got our table card holders here.

5) Add any additional props you desire! This step is completely optional, especially now in a COVID world! However, by adding more props and visuals you can create more dynamics, interest, and of course, fun. You can weave around cones as you "March like a Monster", roll on mats to stuff pumkpins as you "Roll like a Pumkpin", and so much more!

This style of obstacle course can be used all year long with any type of movement cards you have! There are so many ways to create and use a movement card obstacle course that you'll be using it for years to come!

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