Fairy Godmother Says...: A Dance Game for Ages 2-10

Looking for a fun way to help yours dancer learn to follow directions? Try this whimsical version of Simon Says!

Here’s how it works! Explain to your dancers that the royal castle sent an invitation this morning inviting you all to the King’s Ball. It’s tonight so you must get ready right away.

You will be their Fairy Godmother and help the dancers prepare by using your Fairy Godmother magic. But the dancers must listen closely! Your magic will only work if you say “Fairy Godmother says…” first. If a dancer does something without the magic words, they will turn into a toad! The king won’t let any toads go to the ball!

Once you explain how to play, direct your dancers to spread out. Call out directions similar to:

“Fairy Godmother says… flick your magic wand in circles.”

“Fairy Godmother says… practice walking in your high heels by running on your tip toes.”

“Fairy Godmother says… twirl around 3 times to make your gown appear.”

Make sure you throw in some directions without saying “Fairy Godmother says…” first. If a dancer acts on anyone of these directions they will become a toad! Toads must sit in their spot until the game is over.

For my youngest students, when a dancer becomes a toad I usually come over with my magic wand and cast a spell on them to allow them back in the game. At this age, I find it’s more important to learn how to follow directions than to win the game.

The last dance standing wins the game and gets to head to the ball!

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