Discover: The Whimsy Audiobook

Everyone in 2020 knows what audiobooks are, however, have you discovered what sets The Whimsy Audiobook apart?

MOVEMENT of course!

Each Whimsy Audiobook is design to take your group on an exciting adventure through the world of dance, play, and music. Simply open your favorite music player (i.e. iTunes), press play, and the audiobook will do the rest!

Each Audiobook is designed to have a narrating character who takes you through the story and directs the group through each movement activity. Your group will dance, play games, work in partners, use their imagination, learn and practice skills, and so much more.

The Royal Kingdom, included in the Whimsy Box, follows Rosie on a journey through her family's castle. She dances in the Grand Ballroom, marches with Knights in Shining Armor, searches the Royal Garden and Enchanted Forrest for clues on a Treasure Hunt, and encounters an upset wizard in the Treasure Room.

Kids and adults both LOVE the Whimsy Storybook! Teachers and parents enjoy that their children are learning valuable physical and social skills and kids love it because it is FUN!

And the Whimsy Audiobook is great for programming because you can use it again and again! Use it as a special creative movement class or unique event, or use it weekly in the classroom to build skills through repetition. Listen to just one track at a time as a fun brain break or host an entire weeklong summer camp themed around the story. The Whimsy Audiobook is also great on days you are feeling under the weather or subbing because it can be done independently!

The Whimsy Audiobook is perfect for all types of group settings including: ​ -Dance Studios -Preschools -Elementary Schools -Theater Programs -Libraries -Recreation Centers -Summer Camps -Scouting Events -Mom's Groups -Day Cares -Birthday Party Entertainment -Host Unique Events ​ It even works perfectly at home with your kids on sunny summer day in the backyard or as a rainy day activity!

The Whimsy Audiobook is a $35 value but its INCLUDED when you purchase The Whimsy Box, along with a multiple of Whimsy offerings including audiobooks, games, movement activities, obstacle courses, and relay races. To learn more about this exciting and unique storybook visit!


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