Butterflies In the Garden- A Dance Activity for Ages 3-6

How beautiful is it this time of year to see butterflies floating around above the gardens. Bring that beauty into your dance classes with this adorable activity. Designed for ages 3-6, your dancers will sing about butterflies, fly around the garden, and then practice basic dance skills such as plies, piques, and passes!

Butterflies in the Garden

Begin by doing this song and dance below. The dance is shown in the video!

Butterfly, butterfly, see a flower in the garden

Butterfly, butterfly, go and fly on it

When you fly, encourage the dancers to fly around the room. If they are at home, they can fly in a circle around themselves. If they are at the studio, have them fly to a new poly spot, star, or other floor marking.

Then decide what type of flower the group landed on! It could be a plie flower, a twirling flower, a jumping flower, or anything else you would like. Have the group practice that skill on their flower. When you are ready, repeat the song and dance and then fly to a new flower.

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