Birds of a Feather- A Freeze Dance Variation

You know what they say about happy little tweety birds?? Birds of a feather flock TOGETHER!

This adorable little dance game is a variation of freeze dance and is a wonderful way for getting your students to work together. As an added bonus, it helps the children to practice their counting skills!

Birds of a Feather

Have all the children spread out and dance however they desire to the music. Randomly stop the music. When the music spots, call out a number between 2 and the number of children you have playing the game. Then, the children must quickly make groups of that number. For example, if you call out the number 3 all the children should make groups of 3!

The remaining children who are unable to make a full group are out and must sit for the reminder of that game. This means if you have 12 children and you call the number 5, you would have 2 groups of 5 and 2 remaining children. These 2 children would be out.

However, if you have 12 children and you call out the number 4, you would be able to make 3 groups of 4 and everyone is safe.

Continue to play until there are only 2 children still playing.

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