Turn Your Classroom in a Magical Winter Wonderland

As the snow falls outside my window, I started to think about the amazing activities that I could do with my students inspired by the Winter Wonderland that New England is becoming currently. My students love winter themed activities and I find they help to keep my classes fresh and interesting. Winter is a great and neural theme that I can use anytime from December to early March!

The 3 activities I am sharing with you today are perfect for any chilly day! Check them out below!

Winter Wonderland Improv This wintry improv is a great way to introduce young dancers to the world of improv in a stress free way. It allows the dancers to feel like they are playing which I find helps my more fearful dancers. Begin by directing the students to find their own spot in the room and pretend to be cuddled up sleeping in their warm beds. Then call out different situations you might find on a snowy day while the dancers dance and act out the scenes. The following is the storyline I use for a Winter Wonderland.

You wake up and its freezing cold in your room

You run to the window and see that snow has has fallen overnight

You quickly put on all your snow gear- boots, jackets, gloves- and head outside

Once you’re outside you:

- Build a snowman

- Make snow angels

- Go iceskating

- Explore the snowy forest

- Find a reindeer

- Hear a snowy owl and try to find them

- Play with the neighborhood kids

- Have a snowball fight

- You begin to get cold and head back inside

- You make hot chocolate and warm up by the fire

- You fall asleep dreaming of the winter wonderland

Ice Skating on the Frog Pond This is a great activity that combines imagination with practicing important gross motor skills. Place 8-15 poly spots around the room depending on the number of students you have. Tell your students you are going ice skating on the frog pond and the poly spots are the frogs. Direct the students to ice skate around the room by practicing their chasse arabesques or chasse arabesque sautés. When they come up to a “frog” they must sauté in 1st position over the frog.

To make this activity even more special, print out cutes pictures of frogs to use instead of polyspots. Your students will love it!

The Penguin Dance Who doesn’t love a dancing Penguin! This song by Pinkfrog is absolutely adorable and perfect for developing a student’s coordination skills. It is an “add-on” song, therefore, when the song introduces a new line you will do the same movements as you did before but add on one new movement. I have included the following instructions to help you and your students navigate through the song. To keep it simple I have only included the add-on instructions.


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