what's in the box?

whimsy storybook

Turn your story time into an interactive class with the Whimsy Storybook.  Designed as a 45 minute session, your students will read a page then do a movement activity based on the story.

whimsy audiobook

Bring your group on an exciting adventure as they move, dance, and explore along with the Whimsy Audiobook.  All you need to do is press play! 

whimsy movement

Adding creative movement has never been easier than following our Whimsy Movement cards. Skip, gallop, and jump as you learn to fly, roll like a troll, and slither like a basilisks. 

whimsy music

Create songs, learn rhythm, and explore music with Whimsy Music.  Each card is designed to be an easy way to introduce your kids to the world music and movement! 

whimsy games

Explore teamwork and develop gross motor skills with our Whimsy Games. Our imaginative games are designed with to be age appropriate, fun, and help kids develop a passion for movement.   

whimsy challenges

Explore obstacle courses, relay races, treasures hunts, scavenger hunts, and more with Whimsy Challenges.  Students will love being challenged both physically and mentally as they take on missions and accomplish goals!

whimsy skills guide

Our Skills Guide is included in every box to help our teachers navigate the physical, cognitive and social skills that Whimsy's offerings are focus on.   

shared playlists

Shared playlists are include with every Whimsy box to give our teachers an easy option to add music to their activities.  

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