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Here at Whimsy Stories, we believe that by combining physical play with creative storytelling we are building an environment for our children to fall in love with both movement and literature in a whole new way. 

  • storytelling

    Great stories that you'll fall in love with.

  • interaction

    Don't just sit and listen- become an interactive part of the storytelling!

  • movement

    Get on your feet, play & move to the beat.

These are not your average bedtime stories. 

Our storybooks and audiobooks are designed for PLAYTIME! 

Our storybooks are designed to get you moving! With easy-to-follow movement activities built into each page, you'll be fighting dragons and exploring new lands in no time.  

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whimsy audiobooks

The Whimsy Audiobook brings your story and playtime to a whole new level! Simply press "play" and follow along as our whimsical characters guide you on an imaginative movement adventure.


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How to Use

Access our interactive movement stories by following these easy steps! 

Pick your story 

Check out Whimsy's Library to purchase your favorite stories for instant access!  



Download and save your stories to your computer.  Print out your storybooks or add your audio download to your favorite media player.

move & play

Let the movement adventure begin!  Read our storybooks or press play for our audiobooks and follow along! 


Here at Whimsy Stories, our movement activities are designed specifically for children ages 2-12 using the foundations of kinesiology, dance, and yoga. 



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elementary schools

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Our Favorite Stories

Try your first story on us! 

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"I teach kiddos aged 3-6. I got the first Whimsy box last week and we all love it! It’s brought a new, fresh energy to my classes! Thank you! Can’t wait for the next box!!"

Miss Alison

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