Ever find yourself uninspired and bored with the teaching the same thing week after week?

Want to help your students fall in love with your classes but either don't know where to start or don't have the budget for an expensive curriculum program

Looking to give your classes a "little something special" to make your studio stand out in the crowd?


Here at Whimsy, we understand that teaching dance is hard! Therefore, we focus on YOU, the amazing dance teachers, who have dedicated their lives to teaching those little bodies to plie, shuffle, and chasse.  Our philosophy is that you can't fill someone else's cup if your cup is empty! Our goal is to fill your cup with new ideas, resources, and creative curriculum to help you create amazing classes, grow your program, and become a more confident dance educator.  


your students

spend less time

planning lessons


magical classes 

become a

stronger teacher

You don't have to do it alone! 

 Whimsy's flagship product, our Whimsy Boxes, will add fun and imagination to your preschool and recreational classes, without losing focus on important technical training. 


Each digital "box" provides teachers with 25+ new activities, games, and obstacle courses that focus on imagination, skill-building, and great technique! 

Every box is different! Each box is uniquely themed and contains its own line up of creative resources.  Discover some of our resources below:  

Whimsy Storybooks

Read a page and do the coordinated dance activity 

Music Activities

Explore creating and

moving to music

Audio Adventures

Simply press "play" and follow along to this pre-recorded dance adventure


Group games the encourage teamwork and fun

Movement Activities

Activities that promote physical & technical development in ballet, tap, jazz, and acro


Go through a series of movements that follow a storyline such as obstacle courses and relay courses 

FEATURED PRODUCT: Introducing the animal box!

The Animal Box contains 25+ unique Whimsy offerings all themed around animals! Waddle with penguins, swing in the trees with monkeys, roam the savanna with giraffes, join an elephant parade, and so much more!

The Animal Box Includes: 

  • 3 Whimsy Mini Storybooks 

    • Spot's Cheetah Adventure

    • The Hungry Little Monkey

    • Sobe and the Little Penguin


  • 12 Movement Activities 


  • 4 Music Activities 


  • 4 Games 


  • 4 Obstacle Courses 


  • The Animal Dice


The Whimsy Shop also includes "a La Carte" items, such as our line of Whimsy Storybooks & Packs. These smaller items are a great way to get started with highly specialized themes! 

See What Dance Teachers are saying:

- Miss Alison

- Miss Michele

I teach kiddos aged 3-6. I got the first Whimsy box last week and we all love it! It’s brought a new, fresh energy to my classes! Thank you! Can’t wait for the next box!!

Our world and normalcy gets shaken to its core!  A dance teacher's nightmare ... studio doors shuttered indefinitely and dancers needing to connect with us.  How do we teach through a screen?  How can we keep the dancer focused?  How will this ever work with our babies?!  I was in the throes of anxiety and panic when I came across Lucy's company, Whimsy. As I read her descriptions, I felt my anxiety quickly melt away!  THIS we can do! Her ideas are simple and fun and adaptable to Virtual and In-Studio Classes.  And best of all, our dancers ate it up!  Every week I look forward to her next story that inspires my frozen creativity to flow. Thank you Lucy - for your perfect timing and super cute, fun & simple stories and ideas!   

Just got my Whimsy Box and I’m so impressed! Tons of activities and stories. I particularly love the Royal Kingdom story! You can tell Lucy put lots of love and time into this product. Can’t wait for the next box to come out!

- Miss Rachel

- Miss Alison

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