The Mission BEHIND THE box

Hi there! I’m Lucy and I’m a cheetah-enthusiast, lover of all things sparkles, and I adore Diet Peach Snapple like its my job! 


My mother put me into my first pair of ballet shoes when I was just three years old and it was love at first plie.  From then on my childhood was full of tutus, pointe shoes, and stage lights.  I decided at age 12 I wanted to share my passion of dance with the rest of the world and so I set on down the wild and free spirited path of life in the performing arts.  17 years later I am so proud to call myself a dance teacher for all ages and many genres.


But that wasn’t enough for me.  No, no, I was born to be an entrepreneur and I have been putting myself into leadership roles since I was little.  My dream was to open a dance studio one day! However, one night as I was daydreaming about my future my husband said to me, “How is your dance studio going to be different than the other hundreds of studios around?” 


Crap. My husband is extremely wise and gentle mannered and that’s truly why I love him.  However, his question drove me nuts because he had a point. The world doesn’t need another dance studio cut from the same type of fabric.  Sure, I would could run an amazing studio but that role is already filled by hundreds of fantastic studio owners who are already out there and killing it. 


So what’s a girl with a wild spirit and dreams the size of the solar system to do? I stepped back and started to take a long hard look at my career and think about what I could do to share my love of dance with the world. This is what I came up with: 


  1. I wanted to get more kids into dance.  Movement and music are some of the greatest treasure this world has to offer and more children need to be able to experience it.  And you don’t need to wearing tights and a leotard to experience dance! The benefits and joys of moving to music exist inside and outside the walls of the studio.  And if we get more children passionate about moving they too will become life long movers.


  1. Teaching movement and dance is HARD and there are very little resources out there to help guide teachers through it.  Especially when I first began teaching, I struggled to find resources that I could easily use in class that didn’t cost an arm and a leg and that would be engaging inside and outside the ballet class. Along with my studio classes, I adore working with kids in the community and it’s difficult to get those kids engaged in a 45 minute ballet barre!


  1. Kids are losing to ability to use their imagination.  I’ve seen it first hand. I will ask my preschool classes to image a creative situation such as a sunflower blooming in the sun and the most common responds I get is “Why?”. How sad is it that a four-year old is now questioning ‘why’ we should imagination instead of enjoying the play. It breaks my heart. 


I wanted to create something that would address these three issues.  So I roll up my sleeves, got to work packing boxes in my living room, and boom Whimsy was born. And the response I received was truly incredible.  I am bless and honored to be a part of something that is really helping to improve the dance world.    



I truly hope you enjoy all of our offerings here at Whimsy. Each box comes from the bottom of my heart and I am so proud to stand behind them. Dance and sharing my passion for dance with young children will always be my life path and with Whimsy I hope to do just that!